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    dynamic text boxes, font size issues

      I have created a dynamic text box and an input text box.

      I have produced code that replicates whatever is typed in the input box to display in the dynamic box along with a date and time stamp once a button is clicked.

      This all works fine, except for the sizes of the fonts. for both boxes, i selected font size 10 . The input box is fine, however the dynamic box text is huge.

      When i make the dynamic text font smaller, it fits in fine, but the input text that is inserted into the dynamic text box comes in too big. If i make the input text box font smaller it is unreadable when typing it in.

      any soultion to how to make my font consistent. I am assumin the problem is because both the text boxes are different sizes, however i don't know how to resolve the issue.

      Any help is much appreciated.