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    breeze presentation sometimes disregards specified "next slide"

      Hi there,

      Okay, here's my situation.

      I have a presentation that is accompanied by video (talking head). In order to make the timing of the slides work with the video, I have demuxed the video and imported a sound file the exact same length as the video to each slide. This way, the slide and video end at the same time (though the sound file is not heard... only the audio from the video file is played back).

      That's the background. Here's my problem:

      At certain points in the presentation, I have specified in "slide properties" that the next slide is "slide 1". However, when those slides actually end, the result is unpredictable. Either the presentation continues with the next slide (or just stops, if it's the last slide in the presentation), or it goes to the title slide.

      Has anyone else had this problem?