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    Help with Click to Activate solution

      OK - I know everyone is going to think I'm dim-witted, but I need some help!

      I've read about the fixes for the Click to Activate issue that is happening with IE, but I don't code. I don't even know where to view the code in Flash. I use and like Flash because it's WYSIWYG. I've learned some basic actions, but that's about it. I love it because it works like Illustrator or my page layout programs. It's intuative and easy to make things look how I want them to.

      But I feel totally dumb that I can't even find where to view code, much less fix this dang problem.

      If someone would please take pity on me and help, I would be willing to pay you if you have a PayPal account or anything. I am in dire need to fix this problem and it's driving me crazy.

      I'm not completely inept, but would need someone who could walk me through what to do.

      Thanks in advance.