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    What is the best way to resize the UIScrollbar component

    Jonibean Level 1
      I have a website with a bunch of different dynamic text boxes - it is in the same place but calls different text on different pages. Along with the dynamic text box I have an instance of the UIScrollbar. However, some of my text boxes are different sizes to match different 'pages', so I have to resize my scrollbar to match the text box. As a relative newbie, I am working using the timeline for my pages, and not all in actionscript or anything.

      -What is the best way of doing this? Dragging to change the size of the instances, typing the sizes in on the properties panel, or using actionscript (my_component.setSize) to size them? It seems if I use the properties panel to change the size of my text boxes, then my type appears in all different sizes even though it is formatted to be a certain size throughout. I would like my scrollbars to look consistent if possible.