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    Flex built-in XML response parser error

      We have a REST service which returns an XML response to our client application. One of the tags in the XML is <stoken> and we are sending a 10-character hexidecimal value which we are using as a string ID in our application -- not a number. When a value is supplied which happens to syntactically match IEEE number syntax, the Flex XML parser convert the string into a number. For example, the value of <stoken>100e</stoken> is the number 100. Notice that the trailing "e" is dropped, thus corrupting the stoken ID value of "100e".

      Is there a way to tell the XML parser to treat everything as strings and not attempt to automatically detect types? This is a big hole in the parser, otherwise. You often have no way of knowing what the string value will be -- but you want it to be returned as a string without any type interpretation.