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    telltarget and movieclip

    johk Level 1

      I have used a TellTarget on a button to start playing a movieclip. Please see code below.
      Every time I move the mouse outside the "hit" area it stops playing the movieclip. Are there a way to make the MC to continue playing independent of where the mouse is?

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          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          Are you using Flash 4? tellTarget is dinosuar code.

          Anyway, what you are saying is "when the button is released, play frame label down". This should play from that point until you either run out of frames on the timeline or instruct the playhead to go somewhere else. The code you supplied is not enough info to be able to understand what you need answered.
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            johk Level 1

            What other ways are there to trigger/interact with movieclips? I am using flash 8.
            The mc is playing from the right point. But when I move the mouse away from the button that triggered the mc the mc stops playing. I actually not used much more code than what I have provided.

            I would appreciate if you just could point me in the right direction of what to use instead of telltarget.


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              Shandy Elliott Level 1
              If all your action is happening within the "dropdown1" mc, you should use

              on(release) {
              dropdown1.gotoAndPlay ("down");

              Again, this may or may not solve your issue. If not, you will need to upload your flash file and provide a link so I can see how you have things setup.