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    <CFEXECUTE> problem

      I have an application installed on the server. I need to start (popup) the app from a CF page.
      I've done:
      CFEXECUTE NAME="C:\Program Files\ABS\ABSCAC\WinSCM32.exe"></CFEXECUTE>
      and the blank white page pops up. No app. I've tried the same line on Run and it starts the app.

      I've also tried:
      CFEXECUTE NAME="C:\WINDOWS\system32\ipconfig.exe" OUTPUTFILE="#OutFile#"></CFEXECUTE>


      I get Error 500 page.
      if I use cftry and catch the message is: OutFile does not exists.
      What is the problem?
      Any idea?
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          MikerRoo Level 1
          A few things:
          • First, try this code. It should work for you now:
            name = "C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe"
            arguments = "/C dir C:\Windows\system32\ /s /ad /b"
            variable = "sDirList"
            timeout = 30 <!--- Zero timeouts will NOT work if output is to be returned (use 0 for "popup" threads only). --->

          • Second, cfexecute is meant for programs that do something and then quit on their own. Using with WinSCM32.exe as a "popup" can eventually crash your server if you are not careful.
          • Third, you appear to be using Windows XP. In XP, Win32 mode programs and key executables like ipconfig are "protected" in an attempt to close some of the 237 security holes discovered in Micros**t software this week.
            This means that cfexecute IS running them (usually) but that you can't see the results or terminate the threads!
            USUALLY, you can clear this issue by checking "Allow service to interact with desktop" in the "Logon" tab, of the properties inspector, for the Coldfusion Service -- in the Windows Service Control panel.