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    CFCHART Forces login

      We are running MX 7 on Windows 2003 server accessing MS SQL server. Everything works fine except when users attempt to view a graph generated by cfchart. The users are presented with a Windows login prompt where they must enter their Domain login before the charts will be generated. There are no custom security settings being used on IIS or the server. I set the charts to cache to memory and even tried to save to different directories using Disk Cache, nothing works. Any ideas?
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          MikerRoo Level 1
          Switch the chart format to PNG.

          Does it work better?
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            Mahaffy Level 1
            I had tried that as well, no luck. The cache directory is even set for full control for Everyone, so no idea why you have to authenticate to see the graph.
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              Abinidi Level 1
              Are you running a Sandbox? if so check the permissions on it .

              Also check the permissions on the CFIDE folder. Make sure that either the Everyone user and/or the IUSER has permissions to it.
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                MikerRoo Level 1
                We'll you're going to have to provide more details.

                Or, better yet, post a link to a page that demonstrates this problem.

                If it is on an internal network, save the html source of an offending page and "Attach Code" it here.
                Can't tell much more otherwise.

                It could be firewall, directory permission, mime-type, IIS Setup, different directory, SSL issues, etc.

                Personally, I would scrap IIS and immediately switch to Apache.
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                  Mahaffy Level 1
                  I fixed the problem, the long gone admin who set-up IIS did not allow anonymous access and was requiring authentication to numerous directories that did not need it. The odd part is that some graphs worked, while others didn't. MikerRoo, unfortunately personal opinions don't count for much here when we work in a closed, underfunded, baselined environment. Otherwise i'd have my client converted to BEA WebLogic and scrap all their scripted pages.