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    flash paper, .swf  & loadMovie...

    crazyjoemilan Level 2
      This may look like a riddle, but I can assure you I'm not being clever. here is my problem.

      test.loadMovie(" http://somelocalwebpath/folder/flashpaper.swf");

      1) It works when "flashpaper.swf" is non_flashpaper.swf (both are relevent paths)
      2) It doesn't work when "flashpaper.swf" is another_flashpaper_doc.swf (another flashpaper doc)
      3) It works when "flashpaper.swf" is "image.jpg"
      4) It works when the I use a UNC path instead of a URL, but not on anybody elses machine. (because it can't access the file w/o http or access permissions)
      5) I checked for size, filetype, corruption, yadayadayada.

      What happens:
      When it works, it loads the .swf like usual.
      When it fails, it loads the initial flashpaper loading screen, crashes flash player, and flash.exe.

      I think the flashpaper .swf does some sort of work that requires pathing around, which fails cross-server using " http://..." but works using the direct server link (if user permissions allow, of course).

      I can force this to work using user permissions and direct paths, but what I'd like most is for someone to shed some light on what flashpaper does, and how I can work with it.