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    I want a downgrade

    zamme123 Level 1



      It feels weird posting this topic on forums but since adobe gave me no option here goes...


      I'm currently working as a videographer (photographer/editor) in Sweden. I just got headhunted for a full-time position in a different field of work and therefore I can no longer motivate paying 500 SEK per month for programs I won't be able to use professionally anymore. 


      So I'm wondering, is it possible to get a smaller and cheaper package or pay up a one-time fee to get a version?


      For private use I only "need" Premiere pro and Photoshop, but I would be happy having PP, PS and AE... If this is not possible I have no choice but going back to FCP since its possible to pay a one-time fee. (The thought is making me feel sick since I've become really attached to Premiere).


      I appreciate help!