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    external swf position

      Hi Guys I need some help.
      I am loading an external swf and i the problem that the swf allignment is alwayw at point x=0 y=0 on my screen...
      i want to allign the swf in a deferent possition and i can't find a way... i try to place it in a symbol and change the syblol position but the result is the same x=0, y=0...

      i use this actionscript

      loadMovieNum("test.swf", 1);

      Please help me....
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          shikozel Level 1
          first you need to create an empty movie clip and position it where you want the swf to load. lets name this movie clip "holder"
          //position the MC

          //now load the external swf
          holder.loadMovie(test.swf", 1);
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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            if you use loadMovieNum() to load you swf, you must wait until loading is complete before changing the _level1 _x and _y properties. ie, use preloader code.

            or, follow shikozel's help and load into an movieclip using loadMovie() or use the moviecliploader class and use loadClip().