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    Slicing a batch


      I have a folder with 250 jpegs of the same size. I need to slice these jpegs, each at the same sizes of slices. I have a png with the slices layer. No problem to paste the layer with the slices and save as html table. But I can't figure out a way to have this done in one batch. I tried several ways without success.

      Anyone having experience of this? Any suggestion is welcome!

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          llamaparsnip Level 1
          I'm not sure what you are trying to do with the table. With many sequences of steps, though, you can go to your history panel, select the sequnce of steps you want to repeat and then Save Steps As Command. You can then use this command in your batch process.
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            GeoLens Level 1
            Thank you for answering

            This is to bring a "paper" catalogus online, working on the jpegs coming from the printing material (I have no grasp on this part of the process). An ASP page is paging through the catalog. I get all these pages as jpegs and i need to slice them. I could process them one by one of course but I'm getting lazy lately. :)

            I tried what you explained but could not save the "Export to Html" settings which do not appear in the history pane. Nor could I configure that into the batch "Export" command. I'm working with the French version 6.0 and tried the 8.0 French version aswell.

            Further on I also experienced anomalies in the batch process: the settings from the slices layer which is pasted into the pics to process were altered, making the results useless when I once succeeded (in version 8.0) to save the "Export to Html" settings. I later could not repete this procedure so as to save these settings. :(

            I guess I'm missing somehing obvious, or is it this "batch" function in FW that is underpowered?