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    Content Height Problem

    Devendran Level 1
      Hi all,
      Just now i faced a Crazy problem....

      When The flash content height is Over than 4000 My content is not displayed correctly ... Say for example, i am having a Strip with a Dynamic Text not more than that... I am displaying something in the Strip dynamic text.... Well, i am duplicating the MovieClip to generate some more clips,,, upto some points it s working fine(With the same Code no change in the GUI also)

      If the _y position exceed 4000 it creates problem, i can able to view the Dynamic text but not the strips.....
      can any one guess what s the problem here

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          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          I can't imagine why you would need or want anything to be that high. Why do you need something beyond 4000 pixels (you are talking about pixels right) ?
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            Devendran Level 1
            Yes exactly i am talikng about pixel....

            Terribily the problem is I can able to View the Dynamic text in that area but not the Background Vector Rectangle...

            I need more than this much of height, bcz i am Developing a Hotel management Application...
            in tha For 50 Employees(Consider minimum 40) for 7 weeks means (Each employee is represented as a strip) so totally 350 strips, each strip height is 25 so 350x25 = 12,250 Approximately i need this much of height, BCZ client don't want to put scroll on flash....
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              Shandy Elliott Level 1
              I would have to see your flash file because it sounds like you are going at this the wrong way. There is still no reason to need ANY symbol or stage element to be 4000 pixels+.