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    Fast Forwarding  a WMV video


      I am reworking a project that initially had some quicktime videos in it. I have pause, play, stop, fastforward, and rewind button controls on the stage that control the sprite ( video) in frame 20 for instance.
      on mouseUp
      sprite (20).movieRate = 0
      Intially I did the lingo on the buttons to control the movieRate which worked great for Quicktime video. However our company basically supports the Windows media player so I had to switch to using the WMV video. I have changed the code to work with this new format i,e.
      on mouseUp me
      sprite (20).stop()
      Except, the client wants to be able to rewind and fastforward the video like they could with the Quicktime version. I could not figure out how to do that. The searches I've done don't tell me a whole lot.

      Can anyone help me with the code to make this possible or is it even possible?

      Thank you very much for any help you could give me.

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          johnAq Level 1
          You should be able to get the WMV to playback back fast or slow, but probably not in reverse. The file format just isn't good for that.

          Personally I gave up on VTR style FWD & RWD a long time ago due to this kind of issue. You can still use the same buttons in your interface, but the video simply jumps fwd or back, usually in 10 sec increments


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            vrod7 Level 1
            Thanks for the input. I will probably give up trying to fast forward and rewind as well.

            I will mess around with the skip forward and skip back idea though.