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    Menu calling menu

      I'm am new to this Flash AS stuff...

      I am trying to make it possibly for my free world literacy program data to be used on mp3 players. There are 855 million who still can't not read and most live beyond the last electric power line. So my "last mile" plan is to let the literacy internet cafe come to them via mp3 players.

      I need a vertical menu that will let me call another menu. Maybe they all do that. I don't know... like I said I am new to this.

      My menu data structure is about four levels deep in choices ... hence the thought about menu calling another menu. My thought is by brut force I'll just have one menu call another menu till the final selection is reached.

      At the end choice I need to set a variable based on the menu selection so that my next frame on my timeline will get off to a good start reading the right sentence in the book ...
      loadVariables(menuCorrectSentenceVar, _root);

      I don't have allot of space since the menu needs to fit on a cell phone running flash lite. I would like to stick with Flash lite 1.1 but I think I understand that XML menus (which would be nice for data loading because I have a ton of data ... 7000+ languages) will only work on FL 2.0+


      Bob Achgill