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    Displaying DialogBox




      I have a problem with displaying DialogBox in SDK_Custom_Import example project.

      I am using Visual Studio 2013 Professional.


      What have I done:

      1. Opened example project from Premiere Pro CS5.5 Win SDK.
      2. Opened .rc file and added new resource (Dialog)
      3. In SDK_Custom_Import.cpp In SDKGetPrefs8() function changed MessageBox(...) to DialogBox(NULL, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDD_DIALOG1), (HWND)stdParms->piSuites->windFuncs->getMainWnd(), (DLGPROC)func);
      4. Implemented func function:

      BOOL CALLBACK func(HWND hwndDlg,

        UINT message,

        WPARAM wParam,

        LPARAM lParam)


        switch (message)


             case WM_COMMAND:

             switch (LOWORD(wParam))


                  case IDOK:

                       return TRUE;

                  case IDCANCEL:

                       return TRUE;



        return FALSE;


           5. Built it.

          6. When I open my plugin in Adobe Premiere Pro (File->New->SDK Custom Import), I cannot see my DialogBox.

          7. I tried putting GetLastError() right after DialogBox() function, it returns 1813 error (The specified resource type cannot be found in the image file.)

      I guess that something is wrong with project settings where should I search?

      MessageBox displays normaly.

      Thank you in advance.