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    Abyu Level 1
      can anybody help me in correcting the script
      onClipEvent (enterFrame) { \\the script is i the car_mc movieclip

      if (_root.car_mc, hitTest(_root.glow_mc)) { \\car_mc and glow_mc are two movieClips
      _root.num = "Collision";
      cartween = new mx.transitions.Tween(car_mc, "_y", mx.transitions.easing.Bounce.easeOut, _x, 300, .5, true);
      else {
      _root.num = "No";

      the Code does not iam not able find out what the mistake is
      please anybody help me

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          DazFaz Level 1

          You ahve not really given much enough information about what you are trying to achieve but I did notice at least one error.

          (_root.car_mc-------->> , <<-------hitTest(_root.glow_mc)) that should be a fullstop and not a comma.
          I hope that helps in some way.

          It might be an idea to put more info up as so a better picture can be drawn of your problem.

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            Abyu Level 1
            the movie is when car_mc hits glow_mc it car_mc the following command should be performed
            else it should not
            the command is
            cartween=new mx.transitions.Tween(car_mc,"_x",mx.transitions.easing.Back.easeOut,20,388,0.5,true);
            I have used the if syntax but it is not working
            help me