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    Folder structure when migrating aperture to Lightroom

    magician john Level 1

      I have used the LR plug in to migrate my aperture photos but they have come out in date order, which is unworkable from my point of view.


      How can I change them to a similar Folder structure as I had in Aperture. I would have expected the LR plug in to have brought them in the same structure.

      I have looked at the Lightroom Queen instructions but it doesn't clearly cover this point from my viewpoint.

      Anyone able to help me please.


      thank you



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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Look at the Collections panel - this should be very similar to how Aperture looks.


          By default, the import tool copies your Aperture photos into a new date-based folder system under Pictures/LightroomMasters. So in your case it sounds like that default folder treatment happened, and it's because in the import tool's Options you didn't tell it to leave the photos in their existing locations. It could also have happened if all or some of your photos had been "managed" in Aperture - ie inside the Aperture library rather than residing or "referenced" in regular Finder folders.


          Now, you could leave things as they are - LR's Folders panel doesn't have an equivalent in Aperture, while Collections = Projects.


          But if you really want your Finder folders to be the same as Aperture, you will have to do the import process again and follow the steps here. Providing you've not processed new photos only in Lightroom, you can simply delete the Pictures/Lightroom and Pictures/LightroomMasters folders. Then make sure you Relocate Masters in Aperture so that no files are "managed", and make sure you set the option as shown in the screenshot on the above linked article.