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    Printing text from separate documents in same book as a continuous flow through the pages


      Hi, I have a basic problem. My book in InDesign has different chapters and subchapters. When I started it I split all chapters in separated documents (all contained in the same book). But for a specific chapter I also want to split each subchapter into a separate file, the layout would be something like:


      MyBook.indb - the bookfile


      Chapter1.indd - Chapter 1

      Chapter2.indd - Chapter 2

      Chapter3.indd - Chapter 3

      Chapter3A.indd - Chapter 3, Subchapter 1

      Chapter3B.indd - Chapter 3, Subchapter 2

      Chapter3C.indd - Chapter 3, Subchapter 3

      Chapter4.indd - Chapter 4


      After I have set everything up page numbers and styles for headers and subheaders work no problem through the chapters and subchapters. The problem I have is, if I print the book to PDF, Chapter 3A, 3B and 3C will be printed in separate pages although they are less than a page long each. My ideal will be that all the contents of chapter 3 (3 + 3A + 3B + 3C) will be printed as a single chapter with no page breaks. I have tried changing the styles of the paragraphs and headers/subheaders to keep with previous, also the option Start Paragraph set to Anywhere. I am not able to disable the option to Start Section for the first page of say Chapter3A.indd, but I guess this is not possible as InDesign sees this as a single document with one page and it needs a sections. Is there any other way in InDesign to link those documents together so they don't add page breaks (or effectively split into different pages) without the need to have them all in the same .indd document?