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    Learn Flash or re-learn Director

      I used to do a lot of stuff in Director about 5 years ago. Then, I stopped and did nothing but print. My new company wants me to do some multimedia stuff and I am not sure if I should stick with Director. I can still get around (mostly) but I have forgotten a LOT (getting older does not help!) and it's gonna take a while to get back up to speed.

      It looks like there is very little going on Director-wise these days. Even on Adobe's website, you have to click into a secondary product area to even find it! So I am wondering if maybe I should forget about using Director and just try to learn Flash? Am I mistaken? I sure would LIKE to be, as I have always prefered Director to Flash. Thanks much!

      Oh, I am mostly displaying video on CD and intranet, creating navigation for archiving pdfs and that sort of thing. Nothing "cutting-edge" by any stretch.
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          Career wise it's probably wiser to be up to speed with Flash, You
          specific application might be as well serve by Director, although users
          might heve to download the shockwave plugin just for your application.

          The PDF Xtras available, including Impresario which does it's own
          rendering without acrobat give Director an advantage.

          Flashpaper is a Flash based counterpart to PDF (don't know how adobe
          absorbtion effected it) if your dce can be converted to flash paper...

          the lsat couple of revisions and ongoing processor speed increases have
          diminished Director's speed advantage.
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            Charles Parcell Level 1
            I would suggest knowing both. JB makes good points in his response.
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              eddiwill9 Level 1
              Ugh! I never found Flash all that user friendly for me. I know some folks feel that way 'bout Director. Oh well, YMMV, as they say. I guess I'll try the 30 day trial with a good book and see where that takes me.

              Do you think the upcoming(?) release of Director will in any way change the playing field? Thanks for the thoughtful replys, btw!
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                I've been using Flash for about 7 years, Director for over 15. I've built many industrial strength applications in both. My impression is that the average task can be approached in 50 different ways in Director, all of which will work -- and 50 different ways in Flash, only one of which will work, and you have to go through all 49 others before you find it.

                Flash also, though purportedly a designer's tool, ironically breaks every rule of user interface design itself.


                - The same hotkey means different things depending on which window is active -- and there's not always a visual indication of which window that is.
                - Some windows are always in front, some are not.
                - How many times does "timeline" appear in different cascading menus? Six? Seven?
                - The hotkeys for many (but not all) of the most commonly used functions have vanished from the menus, even though they still work.
                - There are different and easily confused mouse interaction events available for movie clips vs. buttons (e.g., press vs. mouseDown). It would appear that rollover is not available for movie clips, as it does not appear in Script Assist, yet it is.

                - And which of these two lines would you rather have to debug?

                Director: repeat with i = 1 to 100
                Flash: for (i=1; i<=100; i++) {

                I really didn't want to turn this into an anti-Flash screed. All in all, I love some of what Flash can do, I really do -- but I find it a brittle, fragile, counterintuitive environment. In my experience, Director just works. Flash fights me every step of the way.

                Please take with a kilo of salt, YMMV, all that...

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                  Just go look on any job board and compare how many Flash jobs to how many
                  Director jobs.

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                    Director MX 2004 vs Flash 8??
                    or we should just wait for the release of Di11??
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                      eddiwill9 Level 1
                      My question wasn't about future employment potential. I was just wondering in terms of support for the program itself. Will it continue to be developed/fixed/supported. For what I need to do, Director has always met me needs nicely. If it continues to be developed, then I will stick with it. Sorry I waqsn't more clear.
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                        Adobe has made it abundantly clear to the public that support and development for Director & Shockwave is not only continuing, but strong. A new version is coming sometime this year -- judging from the press release, it will likely be in the first half of 2007. If anything, it looks like Director has a higher level of respect and support under Adobe than it had under Macromedia for some time.

                        I don't have the links handy, but they're easy to find.
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                          Ex Malterra Level 1
                          sounds like for the projects you mentioned that you could probably get by with flash, especially video if it can be encoded to flv. are both programs already available to you? if not, your employer’s software procurement budget may give flash an edge.

                          while i would choose director if i could have only one of the two i would strongly suggest striving for proficiency in both. director is the more robust program (3d, hardware communication with the host computer etc), but i prefer flash for gui elements and database interactivity; the flash xml object is far superior to directors imho and it’s been my experience that flash’s loadvars trumps director’s getnettext/postnettext.

                          and as has been mentioned, the job market calls for flash developers far more often than director developers it seems, at least in my area.

                          i’ve adopted a hybrid development strategy these days. i find myself using flash objects, swfs or flash components hosted in director more often than not. i get the best of both worlds that way. since i prefer javascript syntax to lingo switching to actionscript isn’t as much a hassle to me as it may be to those not comfortable with ecma262. director’s flash player allows for using flash objects wholly from script with no flash members in the cast and director mx 2004 has flash components right out of the box.

                          it would be interesting to see responses to this question on one of the flash forums.
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                            ensamblador Level 1
                            Flash or Director.

                            Flash is like a robot that do everithing that you need, it clean the house, it buy pizza an coke. Makes your life easy. Besides it is a robot that you can buy in the next block, and always has stock, many updates and everyone has the manual. You could do a carrer of flash developer.

                            Director is more like a tool, almost everybody knows it but selected people knows hoy to use it well, less people knows how improve this tool. With this tool you can do everything fron cut your nails to build a airplane fo fly over nobody has arrived yet. You could do a whole future with director.