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    output group issue

    JohnGree Level 1
      Hi I have a small problem wit my cfoutput group

      if you look at http://www.northsydneycc.com.au/EditMatchResult.cfm

      you will see the output is grouped by season but this is being duplicted for some reason

      i have this query below, if i take out the second inner join then it displays correctly, but i need this to show the teamname

      any ideas how to sort this out

      <CFQUERY datasource="Cricket" Name="GetResults">
      SELECT MS.MatchDate, MS.Opponent, ST.SeasonYear, TN.TeamName
      FROM matchresults MS

      INNER JOIN seasontable ST
      ON MS.Season = ST.SeasonID

      INNER JOIN teamnames TN
      ON MS.TeamID = TN.ID

      ORDER By MS.MatchDate, MS.TeamID