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    Fading audio clips

      Is there a way to fade out a music clip when the user advances to the next slide? Currently, when the user advances, it stops the audio abruptly and is not a smooth transition.
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Is there a reason why you are putting music on the individual slides? Normally, slide audio contains the voice-over audio for that slide, and project music is placed at "background" level (Project > Preferences > Background Audio (tab). As background audio it can be set to automatically lower its volume during voice-overs and can be edited as an entire clip, rather than as "slide music". Hope that makes sesnse to you.

          In any case, you can control fades by using the volume feature during editing ... make the last 3 seconds a lower volume, then make the last 1.5 seconds lower than that.

          Would that work?

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            mcheek Level 1
            Thanks for the help! This project is an extreme variation on a theme...for example, the introduction slide has some really good, pounding music to which the text captions are timed to appear. This really makes for an attention-getter. Also, in addition to your comment (thanks again!), i have found that you can set the audio to fade out at the end of each slide. The only problem is when you have some music on a slide and you want to fade out that music during the slide's 'life'. you can't put another piece of music on that slide. For example, i have a navigation slide where, if the user doesn't click a button within a certain time, the 'Jeapordy' music kicks in...
            The only other way to get around this is to create a duplicate slide, with no transition, that has the jeapordy music, to follow seamlessly after the initial slide with the music.
            Thanks again for your help!

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