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    Edge Animate files (.oam) won't open on Mac


      I have a Muse template I purchased with Edge animations, and I have Edge Animate CC installed, but the files fail to successfully open in Edge Animate CC on my computer when I try to open or edit them. When I first tried to open the files, they weren't associated with any application, so I associated them with Edge Animate. Now if I try to open one of then it will open Edge, but the files will not open. The program opens, but the files don't. They also don't open from within the program itself. In the Finder, the File Info dialog box lists Kind as Adobe Edge Animate CC 2014.1 Document. In the preview section of the file info box it doesn't show the nice icon, it shows the Mac's plain exec icon. In the Finder, it shows the nice Adobe OAM preview with the "M" shape drawn out in paths.


      I am running OS X Yosemite, 10.10.2 on an iMac Retina (Late 2014).


      Steps I have tried so far:

      1. I have uninstalled Adobe Edge Animate CC, then reinstalled
      2. I have restarted the computer
      3. I have repaired disk permissions
      4. I have attempted to open with Dreamweaver (program opens, but file doesn't)
      5. I have inspected the contents in a text editor. xml document within contains the comment: CDATA[Widget Exported from Adobe Edge]


      Anybody have any ideas why I am running into problems opening the files? Thanks in advance.