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    Creating documents dynamically: proper workflow

    Pablo Apiolazza Level 1

      Hi all!

      I'm rather new to InDesign, and I'm using it to prepare my creative rationales and storyboards. I have several master pages with different layouts in which I put images and text.

      I've been trying to look for a way to automate the creation process, specially for storyboards. It would be great to prepare maybe an excel with a set of image descriptions and image locations, that could become the storyboard in pdf. It's a very repetitive task looks like it might be automated.

      I was wondering if such a thing is possible and if so what is the proper workflow, or maybe a good tutorial about it, since it is hard to find something like this using these keywords.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          I wonder whether you're using Master Pages correctly. As you're new to InDesign it would be worth investing in some training. Lynda.com have a number of InDesign online tutorials (and tutorials on producing interactive PDFs) that I think you'd find invaluable.

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            Pablo Apiolazza Level 1

            I'm using Master pages as different layouts for storyboarding, i.e.: A- One image page with description , B - Three image page... an so forth.

            Usually I drag these masters to create new pages, and then add the content on these new pages. That's what I've seen people do in some tutorials online.

            What idealistically I'd love to have is one spreadsheet or some other type of document with a list of items: description (text) and image (path), and maybe two other fields for item order and layout. Then run something that auto-magically reads that info, create the pages on the indesign projects based on the proper Master page, and places in the placeholders of each page the images in the right order.


            I think I found the right course on Lynda.com, I'll give it  a look.

            Thanks again!