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    blue light

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      Sometimes  in horror and even in drama's when they are just trying to convey just a darker, gloomy feel, films get shot in a blue light.  I am attaching  a screenshot of the look I am referring to.   I am curious if there is a way in premeiere Elements 10, to duplcate that look on  a scene that was shot with regular lighting.  I do not have any experience with color correction so if I need to use one of the color effects, any setting recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks everyone:)



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you tried experimenting with Premiere Elements' Hollywood Looks? (Called FilmLooks in earlier versions of the program)_


          You can also simply use color adjustments and color and lighting effects to create this look manually.

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            adobenewbie123 Level 1

            Hey Steve,  Thanks for the heads up.  How do i access that?  Would that be in the "effects"  section?

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              There are no Hollywood Looks or Film Looks that I have found in your Premiere Elements 10.

              There are in later versions along with Adjusts for Temperature and Tint which is probably closer to where you want to be.


              But, depending on your source file, you might want first to look at Edit Header/Effects/Presets and the Color Effects category and Hyper Tint Blue choice

              with adjusts under Properties and its Tint Panel expanded. Your Premiere Elements 10 does have Lighting Effects with which you can experiment

              See Edit Header/Effects/Video Effects/Adjust/Lighting Effects. Under many circumstances you might get better results with Lighting Effects which do

              include color adjusts for the lighting effect.



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                adobenewbie123 Level 1

                Thanks ATR!  I a going to play around with that effect.