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    Forms on CD

      I have built a recruitment CD for our tech center in Director. My boss wants me to add a link to an application form. He wants:
      1. the URL to be linked to the form that resides in a folder on the CD
      2. the form to come up when clicking on the URL
      3. and right clickable to download

      In other words, he wants the form to behave as if it were any form on the web. I don’t think this can be accomplished, since browsers dictate the behavior of forms/pdf’s, etc. But I’d be happy to be wrong.

      Does anybody know how this can be done? I'd appreciate any input.
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          Hi Bettyann,

          Yes, all of that is possible, and quite simple. If the form is an html
          document on the CD then you can open it like this. Place a behavior like
          this on the text sprite that contains the url, if you're using a link in

          on hyperlinkClicked me,data,range
          open data with browserName()

          where the url encoded in the text is the path to the form that you want
          to use.

          I'm not sure what purpose the download serves but if you want to copy
          the form to the user's desktop then you can use any of the file copy
          xtras: BuddyAPI, fileXtra4, etc.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert