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    Problem with Bullets (RoboHelp v11)

    ACGall Level 1

      Hi --


      When I edit a page in RoboHelp v11, the bullets look fine:


      When I view in RoboHelp v11 they appear to the left with more space between bullet and the text:



      When I export as WebHelp, they also appear to the left and with too much space (in all browsers):



      Even when I increased the indent in the style sheet, it did nothing to change the results:



      Can anyone help me get the bullets to appear with the proper indentation?



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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Is it the same in all browsers?


          If different, as I suspect it will be, see Item 19 at Snippets (Content Creation).


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            ACGall Level 1

            Hi Peter -- it is the same in all browsers and I am at a loss as to how to fix it.  When editing the page in RoboHelp it looks fine.  But when I click to view it in RoboHelp or when I create the WebHelp SSL, the bullets are not aligned properly in any browser (as shown in the images above).


            This is an old project that was last edited in RoboHelp v8 so maybe something got messed up when I opened it and saved it in v11.


            Another weird thing I just noticed is that in the page, the bulleted list has a regular round solid bullet as the first level, then an open circle bullet as the second level.  But in the css it has a square as the second level and an open circle as the third level.


            I appreciate any help you can provide!

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              Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Ah, multilevel lists. A joy, untill they start acting up.


              I see you linked the paragraph style 'Normal' to the list. Does that paragraph happen to have a left margin? If it does, that margin is probably the culprit. Try creating a new paragraphs style without a left margin and choosing that for your Mulitilevel list.

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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Willam, what if one actually desired a left margin? That's always been a thorn in my own side. The moment you apply the left margin, the bullet tends to make a whooshing sound to the far left of the browser and introduces an unsightly gap.


                Is the answer here to just have everything left aligned with no left margin?


                Cheers... Rick

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                  ACGall Level 1

                  1) So, I created two new styles under Paragraph - BulletList1 and BulletList2 which includes the indents.



                  2) I applied this to my page and everything looked good in edit mode and when I clicked on the blue glasses to view within RoboHelp (before publishing):


                  3) I published and it actually looks proper in Chrome and IE  but in Firefox the bullets are all messed up.


                  Any thoughts on how to get it to display uniformly on all browsers?



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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                    That looks very much like the problem described in my first reply. This will be the result of your level of indentation combined with the way Firefox deals with indents in a different way.


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