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    Page size in Print Module


      I am running LR 4.1 on a new Dell XPS.  When I try to set page size in the Print Module, the only driver I have is the XPS one with pre-sized sheets (A, B, C, etc).  I want to set a 16x20 size for a custom job.  Do I need to download a 3rd party Printer Driver to do this?  I do not own a printer at this time.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Paper size it is always controlled in the printer driver. If you don't have a printer then there isn't much you can do unless you want to download a driver for some printer that might meet your needs. The other alternative would be to crop the image to the appropriate aspect ratio that you want to print (16 x 20 would use the 4 x 5 aspect ratio in Lightroom) and then export a JPEG file to send to a lab to be printed.