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    crashing while invoking plugin


      Hello all, I am new to After Effects, so please go easy on me.

      I bought a template from Video Hive, which claimed no plug ins where necessary. I have the project file in CC5, CC5.5, and CC6. I am using After Effects CC 2014 and operating on Windows 8.


      When I open the program I am told that Ray-tracing needs CUDA 5.0 but will use CPU for now. The URL it sends me to for more info re-directs back to Adobe's main page.


      I open the file, it converts from Version 11 (Using Version 13.2)


      I have edited the placeholders and saved file. When I go to render, it crashes every single time saying that  an error occured while invoking Plug-In "Puppet". I have tried all three versions of the file to the same result.


      What do I need to do to be able to render the file, I am about beside myself.