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    Doc Output - field codes and gray highlights


      I'm using my RoboHelp X5 HTML Help builds to batch generate printed documentation in addition to HTML Help. I 've worked with Robo versions 97 -2002, but have created only a few projects in X5 .

      The generated docs display field codes in the topic titles, even though I have field codes turned off in Word. I can manually delete the field codes (small projects), but there's got to be a better way!

      Also, when I click in a paragraph in the generated doc, the entire text area is highlighted in gray. The gray highlights do not print and do not display when I create a PDF (TG!), but they are distracting. How do I turn this off?

      I feel that there are features and settings in X5 that elude me, and my doc issues can be resolved by correctly using the features.
      I do appreciate any help that's out there. Thanks!