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    japanese font


      I believe I have Japanese fonts installed in InDesign CS4, but after highlighting English text and then selecting the Japanese font, it does not translate it into Japanese. What am I doing wrong? Also, if I have to install a Japanese font, should I do so thru the Windows 7 fonts folder or into an Adobe InDesign folder for fonts? Much thanks in advance.

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          What do you mean by "translate into Japanese"? What are you expecting to happen?

          Try pasting in some Japanese text like シートafter selecting the font?

          Does that paste in Katakana characters? And is that what you would expect.

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            brads95410314 Level 1

            You were correct about pasting in Japanese text after selecting a Japanese font. That worked! It just didn't seem that intuitive to me. thanks for your help!

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              Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

              It's worth knowing that most Japanese fonts include thousands of characters in four alphabets. As well as the three Japanese alphabets, it also includes the Roman (Western) letters, since they often appear in Japanese typesetting.

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                Bo LeBeau Level 4

                I hope you understand that merely switching English text to a Japanese font does NOT actually translate the words in readable Japanese.


                If you don't understand Japanese, you will just be writing gibberish.

                If you are unsure whether or not you have a Japanese font you must not understand the language.


                Translation is a specialized skill done by human translators that understand both languages.


                What exactly are you trying to do and why?

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                  brads95410314 Level 1


                  Thanks for your response, I got my answer from Test Screen Name....

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                    Joel Cherney Level 5

                    Bo wasn't trying to answer your question; he was trying to get more information from you to pass on important techniques necessary to make your document legible to your Japanese readership (with the added side-benefit of making it non-destructive to your career).


                    If you're not using the J Composer, and you don't have a Japanese reader to correct your work, you are likely to induce line-breaks in the middle of words. This is because Japanese doesn't use hyphenation as such. Words wrapping in the middle in improper is a clear sign that some gaijin (that'd be you) was ham-handed with the formatting. It's the kind of thing that makes readers just give up and stop reading. If your work is commercial in nature, that's usually a bad thing.


                    If you have any questions about how to handle Japanese in InDesign, we'll be here.

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                      brads95410314 Level 1

                      Hi Joel;Thanks for the clarification. I do have a Japanese translator who checks my 'spelling' before going to press... but thanks for the heads up!Brad