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    New Computer and Old Edits




      I'm sure I'm not the only one to ask something like this, but since I messed this up on my first attempt I thought I would just post here. I have a new Macbook Pro that I have been using for six months. Previously all of my editing was done on my older iMac with Lightroom 4. I have always used an external hard drive as part of my work flow, so all of my RAW files are located on that external drive. Naturally when I connect this external drive to my new Macbook Pro I can see my RAW files, and naturally I can import them to Lightroom 5 (I have a CC subscription). So how do I transfer my edits from my older iMac running Lightroom 4 to my Macbook Pro running Lightroom 5.

      I think this is a "library" question, but when I tried to transfer my library I really messed things up (fortunately I was smart enough to make a contingency plan prior to me attempting to move the library)

      In advance, thanks for any assistance.