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    Multiple audio sources but only the main one appears.


      Okay so I am doing games commentary and have recorded videos that feature in-game sound and also my commentary from a mic. When I play the videos I can hear myself but m commentary doesn't appear when I have the clips ready for editing in Adobe Premiere Elements 11... Please help!

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          Premiere Elements 11 on what computer operating system.


          When you import a file into Premiere Elements, it presents in the workspace as your video (Video Track 1) linked to audio which should be a composite

          of the file's audio (audio 1). The audio should enter as composite and exports as a composite.


          Does the camera generate 3 separate files, video only, in-game sound only, and mic sound only?

          There may be an easy solution involving an "extract audio stream" in Windows Explorer". The following video tutorial was

          done with a version of Premiere, but the Windows Explorer principle is what I want you to explore for your purposes.


          Please see if any of that extract audio stream principle can be applied to your situation.


          Looking forward to your results.