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    InDesign/InCopy Collaboration - A Few Questions...

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      Hi, I’m hoping somebody out there can help me understand the InCopy/InDesign relationship. I’m very keen to implement this in my design and development department, but first I need to understand the ‘chicken and egg’ conundrum that I see as a major stumbling block.


      To start at the beginning: I run a small training development team. We produce a number of reasonably long training guides every year. Our current process is the classic linear ‘write-proof-edit-proof-layout-proof-edit-layout-etc’ churn that I am sure you are well familiar with. The InCopy/InDesign solution sounds ideal – so much so that we’re good to go, I just need to know how to make the leap.


      My issue is this: an example document consists of 8-10 chapters or lessons, each running for anywhere between 5 and 10 pages. We use a number of page layout designs to keep the document fresh, so some pages are two columns, some are a single columns, some might be two columns top half, one bottom half, etc. The point is that up until now we have worked in such a way that the writer(s) produces text in Word and then the designer lays the text out once they have the completed text.


      My understanding of this workflow is that the designer will need to design the layout before the writing phase. Is this correct? If it is, how do we overcome the issues of a) not knowing how many pages the document or each chapter will run to; and b) not knowing exactly what layout will work for each page?


      As a writer and not a designer I don’t have a good idea for where images will work, or where graphical information boxes might be appropriate, how exactly does the collaboration work?

      Apologies if any of this sounds naïve. Like I said, I’m very keen to implement this process, but I need a supportive nudge to get the ball rolling and break free from Word(!)


      Thanks in advance for your help.