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    Importing Text - Remove Autoflow


      Hi there,


      I usually get a long script in Word. In the script theres headers, indents with bullets, indents with numbers and a few words are bold and some italic. Of course there are also plain text.


      When I import the text into InDesign (File> Place), I hold down shift when I place the text. Now the text runs through several pages. The problem is that when I have finished everything and let’s say, the next day, I wanna add some text in one of the pages.

      Then every other page changes because I added some lines of text in one of them.


      And another thing.. I don’t know if I should select all the text and choose a font or if I should mark each text lines with a paragraph style or if I Should choose the font size in the paragraph style or character style. These two confuses me really much.


      What would be the best way for me to make this as easy as possible?