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    Test-completed messages instead of a successful transaction




      i guess it is a little late  to be asking questions given Forms Central is being sadly retired.. Anyhow in case anyone can help, we are using PAyPal within our form and have taken lots iof successful completed transactions however we started to see a few that have

      test-xxxxxxxxx where the transaction I'd should be and 'test-completed'. Where completed should be. There is no receipt from PAyPal because the transaction did not go through.  It almost appears like I'm doing a form test.


      The customers are very clear that there PAyPal account or card details are correct and in some cases if they retry it will go through ok.


      If anyone is looking in and see this and knows why I would appreciate a response.


      The best of luck to all whichever alternative  tool you decide to move to


      kind regards