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    After Effects CC Ray-traced 3D renderer crash - Initial shader compile failed (5070 ::12)




      I've recently bought a new laptop with i7 processor, 16GB RAM and GTX860M 4GB graphic card to be able to run After Effects smoothly. I wanted to take advantage of the
      Ray-traced 3D renderer feature but once I switch to it I instantly get three consecutive messages:

      1. After Effects error: Ray-traced 3D: Initial shader compile failed (5070 ::12)

      2. After Effects error: Ray-traced 3D:  Cannot create context for ray tracer (5070 ::1)

      3. After Effects error: Ray-traced 3D: Out of paged mapped memory for ray tracer. Your project may exceed GPU limits. Try closing other applications. Try updating the CUDA driver (5070 ::2)

      I've installed the latest CUDA driver, I've even added my card to the raytracer_supported_cards.txt file, but the meassage still pops-up. In the previev panel my card specification shows properly

      (as stated on the attached image)


      What seems to be the problem - I have an Nvidia decent card with plenty of RAM so I would expect it should be supported for 3d renderer feature.
      Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.