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    If I scale my InDesign doc to one-eighth should I scan at 8x resolution?


      I have a 26'x7.5' banner I'm creating out of 3"x3" post-it notes.


      The post-it notes have handwriting on them, and I want to print the banner "life-sized" so each post-it note shows up as a 3"x3" square on the final 26'x7.5' banner.


      I've been scanning the post-it notes at 300 dpi and then I place them into my InDesign document, which is scaled down to one-eighth its final output size, so that it's easier to work with, i.e. it's 3.25-feet in InDesign right now, rather than 26-feet.


      1- If I scale my InDesign document down to one-eighth it's output size (3.25-feet rather than 26-feet), should I increase the dpi of each image from 300 to 2400 dpi so that the resolution of the final output will remain 300 dpi?


      2- Does InDesign "link" the images and keep their resolution no matter if I scale the document down so that I can work with it more easily?


      When placing the post-it note images into the document scaled at one-eighth its size, I have to select Auto Fit and then decrease the height and width so they'll fit.


      3- Does this decrease the resolution from 300 dpi?