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    Lightroom Mobile-Photo Sync / location question


      I'm going on a trip and I plan on using Lightroom Mobile for the first time, syncing my iPhone, iPad and iMac with a single Collection called Hawaii Vacation. I have turned on Auto Import for this collection. I plan to take only my iPad and iPhone with me on the trip. 


      I will be taking pictures with my Canon and iPhone. I will add the Canon photos to this collection by downloading pictures from my Sandisk card to my iPad, then adding it to the collection.  I will then add iPhone photos by adding it from my camera roll since I do have iCloud sync for my pictures.


      When I get home, I will turn on my iMac and I should see the photos sync to my iMac in the Hawaii Vacation collection.  So, where are my photos?  If they are still on my iPad, I do want to move those pictures from my limited space iPad to my iMac which has tons of space, plus I have attached storage for backup.  Do I just create another folder through LR on my iMac and move the pictures from the collection to that new folder?  Or, do I have to sync my iPad Photostream in LR and move it from that point?  As you can see, I'm a little confused as to what I should do once I get home and get the photos in their temporary to permanent location.


      I appreciate any help anyone might have.  Sorry for being so long-winded.



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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I recommend that you test this for yourself before you go on your travels.


          That said, when you return home the newly taken photos will appear in a folder on your Mac - in my case in a folder called John's iPad. I think this is best treated as a temporary location, so in LrDesktop I drag photos into my permanent storage folders. At that point I manually remove them from the camera roll.


          That's the overall picture, but then I think you need to distinguish between different categories of photos:

          • iPad-taken photos - LrMobile syncs the newly-taken originals to Adobe's cloud, while keeping smart previews on the device. So no clean up needed.
          • iPhone-taken photos. I suspect it would be better to get LrM on the iPhone too and add new photos from the camera roll. Apart from convenience, it means iPhone-taken originals go up to Adobe's cloud and then down to your Mac. I am not sure (my phone isn't smart) what would happen if you used iCloud sync to get iPhone photos down to your iPad and then up to LrM. My fear is that iCloud would sync lower res copies down to the iPad, while the iPhone-taken originals would then be elsewhere on Apple's iCloud/Photostream or whatever they now call it.
          • Canon-taken originals. Remember LrM will only be able to import JPEGs, so maybe shoot Raw + JPEG? But once you do get JPEGs into LrM via camera roll, these JPEG originals will sync to Adobe's cloud and then down to your Mac.


          But test before you depart on your trip. Your questions are on the right track and no long-winded answer can be as good as seeing what happens with your own eyes.



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            Kingbingo1 Level 1



            Thank you so much.  Testing this beforehand was a practical and excellent suggestion.  After finding out that I could not import Raw photos to LR Mobile, that negated the use of LR Mobile for the pictures I wanted to take.  So I decided to do something else.  But I did use LR for the iPhone photos.  Then when I import the RAW photos, I will import them to the same collection to get all the pictures together.  That in itself will help tremendously to organize all the photos.


            Thank you again.