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    Creating highlighed lines using underline function

    AABBCCJuile Level 1

      Hi all! I'm trying to create a list of items... and I want every other line to be lightly highlighted. I know I can do this using the underline feature. I've figured out how to do it, but I have two issues. First, I'd like the text to be slightly indented (to the right) so that the edge of the text isn't right on the edge of the blue highlighted "bar." But when I set the inset spacing... it also brings in the underline/highlight. How can I keep the blue underline/highlight in its current position and inset the text just a couple of points?

      And the other thing I'd like to have happen is to have the blue underline/highlight extend all the way to the right (which is the far right of the text box.

      Thanks!example copy.jpg