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    Dir MX stub projector size vs Dir 8

      Has anyone noticed a problem with the size of stub projectors created in MX 2004 vs older versions? In the past, my stubs have been tiny, a couple hundred K (as they should be). Well, this stub exe created with MX 2004 is almost 3MB!!! And yes I remembered to remove the extras and set player type to shockwave. In fact, as an experiment, I opened up D8 and made a projector from the exact same file, and sure enough it is only 194KB. What is the deal?! I have triple-checked in publish settings that the projector type is Shockwave, NOT standard. Is it just not remembering this setting, or am I doing something wrong?
      Any help greatly appreciated, --thanks!!--
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          johnAq Level 1
          Backwards compatibility &, new OS & new features, probably means that projector sizes have bloated over recent versions and will continue to

          A Shockwave STUB projector should be <100k. Of course the user needs to have SW installed. Unless you also include the 4 DLLs in your xtras folder, which will get you back near 3MB.

          There is a compression utility UPX that can compress these DLLs by about 50% without any other effect that I've noticed.