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    Is there an actaul person with an email I can contact with a complaint?


      I just spent a FRUSTRATING 90 minutes on the website and "Customer Support" chat that went nowhere.


      I am working remotely using an old WIN XP machine, and I need to refresh Premiere Pro. I figured I'd download the package and re-install, since the install disks (and S/N) are 1500 miles away. But the S/N isn't listed in my account. My situation: in 2008 I purchased (box version) and registered CS3. Since that time, between the changes at Adobe and my email, all I have is the confirmation note from Adobe that I registered. I don't think they even emailed serial numbers back then. I own CS6, but Premiere Pro needs a 64 bit O/S, so I'm stuck.


      Customer "Support" was pretty worthless: after I typed in concise details of my problem, I was told "the product is not in your account".  After that, I was told that if I provided the serial number, I could be helped. You know, if you can't get qualified people, why bother? (chat transcript below).


      The website said "Contact Adobe" if a S/N was missing or not in my account. But there's no way to contact Adobe.The website goes in circles, and there are no email addresses. I don't have the hours to spend on a phone call to go through what I did with chat.


      So. How can I get the ear of someone who could help me, or at least address this problem? I'm sure I'm not the first person this has happened to.




      General Info

      *Chat start time*  Mar 31, 2015 7:11:47 PM PST

      *Chat end time*  Mar 31, 2015 7:43:16 PM PST

      *Duration (actual chatting time)* 00:31:29


      Chat Transcript

      info:Thank you for your patience.


      While you wait, you can try our community forums

      <http://forums.adobe.com/index.jspa?promoid=JOPCT> where experts are available

      24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



      info:We are still assisting other customers, thank you for your patience. You

      can also try our community forums

      <http://forums.adobe.com/index.jspa?promoid=JOPCT>, available 24 hours a day, 7

      days a week.


      info:You are now chatting with raj.

      raj:Hello. Welcome to Adobe Technical Support.


      Tex Green:Hi! Did you read my problem? I need to tretrieve the serial from my

      CS3 Master collection


      raj:Please allow me a moment while I look into your account & verify the details.

      info:Your chat transcript will be sent to creative@cyberpigstudio.com at the end

      of your chat.


      Tex Green:I can send you a copy of the "Thanks for Registering" email I got when

      I registered - but I don't have the original email with the serial numbers.


      raj:There is no cs3 registered under your account


      Tex Green:That's what I'm saying. I registered in 2008; Adobe has gone through

      some major changes since and my info must have gotten lost.


      raj:Is it the box product ?


      Tex Green:Yes.

      Tex Green:But the disks are 1500 miles away, and I need to do a repair.

      Tex Green:I'm working remote using my old WIN XP machine. I'd install my CS6,

      but Premier Pro needs the 64 bit OS...


      raj:just allow me a moment


      Tex Green:OK


      raj:the serial number will be on the top of the box


      Tex Green:Except I have no access to the box.


      raj:I am afraid in order to help you i need to have the serial number of the



      Tex Green:This is from teh system info: 13251577375129683654


      raj:This is not the serial number


      Tex Green:Never mind. If I had the serial number to provide, I wouldn't need help.


      raj:To complete the installation of the product it will ask you to put the

      serial number, and it is not registered under your account


      Tex Green:Close the session. This will get nowhere.


      raj:Thank you for contacting Adobe. Good Bye.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The only email I have ever comes across for complaints would be adbecare@adobe.com (it is not mis-spelled).  I don't know if it is still of use.


          Chat is going to be your only option for getting help, and you shouldn't be surprised if they don't offer help due to your product no longer being supported (sad but true).


          If you had not mentioned that you have an email confirming you registered (double-check that) I would have told you that you probably did not purchase thru Adobe and never registered it so they have no record of you owning it.  They do not email serial numbers for disc purchases - they are provided with the discs as you were told in chat.