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    Recordings are always cut off on right side

    martzipan Level 1

      I'm using Captivate 5 and for some reason any recording I do crops the image on the right and bottom. The biggest concern is losing all the data on the right where I'm trying to demo. I've pasted an image below where I captured a PowerPoint slide, I put a red square on the right side of the image showing where the content and ribbon are cut off (it cuts off the bottom too).


      I've only recorded one other test video and it worked fine. I played around with resizing that video but as far as I know I didn't change any recording defaults. I've tried different recording types (simulation, demo) and every single recording size option from full screen to really small and custom, snapping and not snapping applications. Regardless of what I do, the right side is always cut off. I've gone so far as to uninstall and reinstall Captivate as well as reset any defaults where I find the button option for reset defaults. Nothing has resolved this.


      I truly hope someone can help me figure out what is happening with my attempts to record!!! Thanks in advance for any suggestions to fix this. I haven't used Captivate in forever, I hope I'm not missing something really obvious!!