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    Lightroom Mobile Syncing Continously

    irfani7193203 Level 1

      Hi all,

      I was recently checking the mobile sync. and added some 150 photos to the collection that i created in my iPhone. This very impressively started syncing on the laptop. however when about 20 photos synced, i deleted the collection on mobile. yet the photos seemed to be syncing continously. reading on the forums somewhere, I turned off and back on the mobile sync option on LR - Desktop. exited the desktop application. Also deleted the LR App on iPhone and reinstalled, yet the photos seemed to start syncing again when i launched LR on Desktop. and i had to finally let them all sync and then delete them.


      Is this normal behavior? is there any explanation for this? Because the Lightroom FAQ says that the photos are not stored anywhere online with Adobe. But it seems like my photos were held up somewhere and wont cancel/stop syncing till all are done.