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    Can I align page spreads to top with multiple size pages?


      I regularly create multiple page documents that use multiple page sizes. Example: 28-page self-cover booklet, 8.5" x 11" final trim size, including 4" flap for unglued pocket on page 27, 28. In the sample below, page 26 is standard 8.5" x 11" while page 27 (part of reader's spread) is 8.5" x 15". All pages are created as single pages, even when copy crosses the fold. I do this because I have very good page imposition software for preparing the printer's spreads for plating. I use PDFs for soft proofs to my customers and show as reader's spreads.

      However, when I export to PDF as spreads the pages align at the center, not at the top (or bottom) as I would prefer. This always requires an explanation to the customer. I want to continue to work with a single document and not change any of the page sizes just for the sake of proofing.

      Any ideas?


      Windows 8.1 | InDesign CC (2014.2)

      Doc sample.jpg