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    Very Slow

    renewal sah6835460

      Hi ,


      I have a New PC that im running CS6 and particularly with Indesign its painfully slow.


      i have been working on resolving these issues for quite some time now have tried all the tips and tricks i can google


      the PC should be the issue

      Dell T8510 3.5ghz Xeon. 16GB ram , 256gb SSD , 1 TB sata drive , Nvidia Quatro K2200 windows 8.1


      now with all the trouble shooting i have done it seems it only starts to play up if it can see the Links


      ie i open the document from a shared drive everything displays fine can open 12 documents and they all behave and do as expected.


      if i map the drive that the Links (images) is when it all goes pear shaped. (the document and the links are on the same drive but if map say Z: and open doc its fine instead of the H: that the links refer to )


      i cant scroll properly i cant even change tools without it taking 3 -4 seconds , highlighting text is pretty much impossible.


      any help would be very appreciated