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    Incomprehensible empty space in reflowable epub body text.

    Acca Level 1

      I'm having another problem with my epub project. In indesign the body text seems to flow alright but when I export to epub there's over a page of empty space. I've made the text formating with paragraph styles, and in the spesific spot there are no overrides in the text. I've even selected Remove forced linebrakes in export to epub. I can't track where the problem lies. I've tried with Find andWhen I opened an earlier version of the indd file, there was no such problem. But I'd like this problem to be solved, because I've made several changes to this document in question. I'm relatively new with indesign and especially with epubs so there can be several alternatives for this problem.

      emptyspace-01.JPG  bodytext.JPG

      This is how the text looks like in indesign.



      And this is how it comes out in epub.