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    Can I create a layer "preset?"




      I'm currently putting a music video together for my band and I'm attempting to do it mostly with After Effects. It's going to have quite a stylized and abstract look which requires the use of several effects. So far each time I import a new clip and assign it to a new layer I've been manually adding the combination of effects each time. However, I was wondering if there was a way to save time and create/save a layer "preset?" Then each time I create a new layer I can load up that preset and it instantly applies the effects.


      I'm new quite new to After Effects and I'm more used to using music software in which I can do this with each instrument track. So for example I can get the guitar sound I want, save that track's settings as a preset and then if I want the same guitar sound in another song I can just load up the preset without having to go through the process of adding and tweaking all the processes and effects all over again.


      I hope my question has made sense.


      Many thanks,