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    Adobe Illustrator draw import?


      Whi I can't import .ai files in Adobe illustrator draw for iphone when i try to import individual files it shows my cc .ai files but they are not selectable (grey) why is that. And do you plan to make adobe draw for iphone fully functional with adobe shapes like the app for ipad. There are other manufacturers of vector apps in App Store with more capabilities. Why iphone users are ignored with adobe line and draw i have iPhone 6plus so I dont need an ipad at all. A lot people need fully functional Adobe illustrator draw and line on their iphones.

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          .ai files can be imported as a photo/bgd layer in Adobe Draw.  I haven't been able to make one grey'd out.

          What method of import are you using?


          i have an iPhone6 and iPad Air - the size difference is really nice, but I agree that iOS apps should be for both iPad and iPhone, but I'm no programmer, maybe it's hard to do.


          Adobe Draw is on iPhone


          But Sketch, Slate, and Comp could/should go on an iPhone <- my 2¢

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            freifrank Level 1

            Hello, i have the same question. I want to work with the ai-Vector-Paths by importing a .ai-file in Adobe Draw. It seems that .ai-files only can be imported a an Image, but why not as a vector drawing?

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



              We get many requests for this capability  (and I forward all of them to the product team); it's therefore something that's discussed regularly but I haven't heard of any specific timeline for incorporating the ability to import .ai files into Draw.


              I'm sorry I don't have a more definitive answer than that.



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                I just want to make sure I'm not missing something. I created something in Draw --> send up to CC as a PDF --> work with it further in Illustrator as a vector with the mouse, in ways I can't on the iPad. I can't send it back to the iPad to further edit as a vector (in ways that I need the apple Pencil for)? I mean I'm sure I can't because I've wasted hours searching these forums and help and wondering why when I want to move a file from the iPad CC app into Draw or Sketch I can't (though I DO have the option to send it to Procreate). This seems to be a HUGE flaw in the system.

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                  hey there Sue.


                  What about if you have a vector graphic in illustrator and you add it to your shape libraries. Can i then open it in draw from the shapes library? or why can draw not treat that like any other shapes in the library?

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                    If you import shapes via layers they come out as pixels. There is also no way to Import Capture CC images as vector in Draw. Not even from there. Being able to import vector pdf via cc should solve the problem.

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                      Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                      Hi Erinep,


                      I'm sorry to say you're not mistaken... It's not yet possible to bring Ai files into Draw. Right now, as you've seen, they can only be brought into Draw compositions, as un-editable files, through an Image Layer.


                      I will share your comments with the product team.



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                        Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                        Hi Chris.


                        Nope. Sorry. That won't work either. Draw just can't deal with those files in a way that they're editable. The product team knows that people are wanting this feature... I just don't know when the capability will make it into the app.


                        Sorry I don't have more/better news.