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    Currency Converter Script

    Shekharmine Level 1

      Hello Acrobat Experts,

      i need in your help.

      i want to create a Currency converter form.

      i created a new form dragged, label,2 drop down boxes, text box and a button.

      i want the java code for converting currency to USD to EUR,

      when i click on convert button the output should display in text box (or use a label).

      the document need to connect to internet

      either google converter or other 3rd parties\


      i have this code:


      "document.write("<div id=\"powerd\"><a href=\"http:\/\/www.transfermate.com\/\" target=\"_blank\" id=\"tm_add146\" class=\"tm_add146\">Powered by TransferMate<\/a><\/div><script src=\"https:\/\/www.transfermate.com\/en\/exchange_rates_api.asp?csel=EUR,USD&cshort=USD\ " type=\"text\/javascript\"><\/script><noscript><br\/><span style=\"color: red;\">Please enable your javascript.<\/span><\/noscript>");"


      please check this and give me a ready made form or explain me how to?


      thank you.